Open Switch Laser Cutting Machine

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Open Switch Laser Cutting Machine

Widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen appliances, cabinets, lighting advertising, electrical equipment, auto parts, mechanical parts, medical microelectronics and other industries.
The dual platform exchange doubles the cutting efficiency.

Applicable materials

Professional cutting 0.5-30mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-14mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, 0.5-16mm aluminum alloy, 0.5-10mm brass and copper and other metal materials.


· The truss beam composite bed composed of truss beams, truss plates and spacers is used, with high-strength welding technology, high-temperature annealing to remove stress, deformation prevention, low vibration, and high cutting accuracy;

· Based on the rigid-flexible coupling analysis and forming of aviation aluminum beams, simulations are carried out based on actual working conditions, while carrying multi-source loads from the beam’s own acceleration and motor torque, reasonable layout design, high strength, strong stability, and long-term guarantee High-speed cutting

· Segmented modular workbench, easy to disassemble and replace, no hindrance to production, efficient, time-saving and safe production;

· Adopt gantry type double servo motor drive system, synchronous double drive, effectively ensure high speed, high precision and high stability of the whole machine during cutting;

· Rich human-computer interaction interface. The operation is simple and easy to use.

Open Switch Laser Cutting Machine  

Open Switch Laser Cutting Machine  

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